Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fort Atkinson Mother Allegedly Engaged in Group Sex with Teen Boys

Kayla Schneider, 24-year-old woman from  Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, is accused of having sexual intercourse with two allegedly intoxicated 16-year-old boys.

Schneider  faces multiple charges stemming from an underage drinking party she hosted at her apartment on May 25th, during which she is accused of having sex with two minors. She faces a total of six counts sex crime charges — including child enticement (two counts), exposing genitals or pubic area (two counts), and sexual intercourse with a child (two counts).

The 16-year-old boy boy told officials he was with Kayla Schneider in her bedroom, watching the “Life of Pi,” when they began making out, and that Schneider  undressed. The boy told officials they performed oral sex on each other and then he had intercourse with Schneider, according to the complaint. The complaint also states the boy told officials he did not wear a condom because Schneider told him she was “fixed.” The boy told officials that  When they were engaged in sex his friend, another 16-year-old boy, came into the room and Schneider asked his friend to join in. While one one of the teen boys was having sexual intercourse with the older woman she performed oral sex on the other boy.
The second boy noticed his friend and Schneider go into the bedroom and at first thought they were watching a movie, but then thought they might be having sex, as they were being loud. The boy opened the door to tell the two to quiet down, and noticed the two were having sex and he was asked to join in. The complaint indicates the three performed sex acts on one another while all three were in the bedroom.

Officials interviewed Schneider, who admitted there were juveniles drinking at her apartment on May 25th. However, the complaint says Schneider repeatedly denied having sex with the two boys — though she admitted having sex with the man and woman who had been in her bedroom that night, according to the complaint.
The complaint states that she told police that she had heard the following day that she might have had inappropriate contact with someone, but suggested that she would never have sexual intercourse with someone under 18 years of age. Schneider also reportedly admitted to be completely naked in her bed, but denied the two juveniles came into her room while she was naked.

The father of Kayla Schneider's children commented the case to media. “Honestly, personally I’m disgusted. I can’t believe that’s the mother of my children who did this. Not only did she destroy her own life, she ruined her children’s lives now, you know. Even if she were to get out of jail, she’s a registered sex offender after being convicted and won’t be able to be around her own children, you know. That’s the saddest part of it all”.

Kayla Schneider is facing a total of 58 1/2 years in prison and fines of more than $240,000 if convicted of the charges combined. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday, June 7, before Judge Randy Koschnick.

Wisconsin Woman Accused of Group Sex with Underage Boys

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