Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waleska Velasquez Accused of Sex Crimes

Waleska Velasquez, 29-year-old special education teacher at Miami Jackson Senior High School, has beens arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Velazquez, who is charged with three counts of having sex with a minor, has confessed to having sexual relations with the student starting in August of 2009 and continuing through 2010. She also told to police to showering the young boy with gifts, cash and a cell phone she used to send him romantic letters along with provocative photos of herself nude and in sexy lingerie.

Female teacher and her male student had sex at least in three different locations, including Jackson High and the parking lot of Allapattah Middle School. Police did not disclose the third location.

Velazquez has worked at Miami Jackson since 2007, Miami-Dade County Public Schools officials said.

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Florida Spesial Ed Teacher Accused of Sex with Male Student

California mother sentenced for rape of a boy

Rachel Ann Hicks, 37-year-old woman from Lake Forest, California, has pleaded guilty to second-degree rape of a 13-year-old boy and was sentenced to 20 years in prison with eight years suspended.

Hicks, 37, of the 21000 block of Osterman Road in Lake Forest, Calif., was indicted in March 2011 on two counts of second-degree rape and one count each of second-degree sex offense and second-degree assault and she pleaded guilty June 2 to a single count of second-degree rape.

Police started investigating the case after the victims father found suspicious text messages on the boy's phone and took the case to the Harford County Child Advocacy Center. The father participated in the investigation which resulted in a telephone call being placed to Ms. Hicks, who admitted that she met the boy through the game, and traveled to Bel Air where she engaged in sexual relations with the boy.

Hicks, a mother of three, met the boy while playing the game X-Box live, then contacted him through email and eventually obtained a cell phone number. She traveled from Florida, where her parents reside, to the boy’s home in Bel Air, Maryland, the day after Thanksgiving, 2010. She had made arrangements with the boy in advance to meet and let her into the hishome during the middle of the night, while his family was asleep. They went into his room and began playing video games until she sexually assaulted him. After raping the child Hicks returned to California.

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California mother to serve 12-year sentence for rape of a boy, 13

Loni Bouchard, 20-year-old female babysitter, admits sex with the boy she was hired to look for

Loni Bouchard, 20-year-old woman from Clinton, Connecticut, faces additional charges of sex with a 14-year-old boy she was babysitting.

Bouchard, was arrested on July 12 after a months long investigation and is charged with second degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor and illegal purchase of liquor. Police said she allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy after providing him alcohol. On July 29, Loni Bouchard was charged with another count of second degree sexual assault for allegedly assaulting the same teen boy in the neighboring town of Southington.

Loni's mother, Kimmy Bouchard, has been charged with providing marijuana and alcohol to her 20-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old boy her daughter is accused of sexually assaulting. Mrs Bouchard, of West Main Street, didn't smoke marijuana with her daughter and the boy, but was present when they smoked and she supplied them with Mike's Hard Lemonade and Twisted Tea, according to an arrest warrant.

Babysitter admits sex with the child she was hired to look for

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Female Camp Leader Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Teen Boy

Katrina Herrador, 21-year-old summer camp worker, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sex with a 14-year-old male camper.

Herrador was arrested after the parents of the boy became suspicious when they saw text messages between adult woman and the boy on July 29. She allegedly picked the boy up from a residence July 28 and took him to her home in Fairfield where they performed sex acts on each other and had unlawful sexual intercourse.

According to investigators, Katrina Herrador admitted to the allegations.

Police said they don't have evidence about sex acts between Herrador and and the teen boys on the camp, but they do not believe any of the alleged illegal activity occurred during camp hours or sessions.

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Camp Leader Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Teen

Woman facing trial for performing sex acts on underage family member

Jenee Lynn Afzal, 36-year-old woman from Charleston, West Virginia, who was arrested in March 2009 for the alleged sexual relaionship with her teenaged stepson, is scheduled to go on trial in Sept.

Afzal, of Oakwood Road, was indicted by a Jury in Summer 2010 and charged with incest and sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, or custodian.

In the alleged incident, Afzal picked her then 16-year-old stepson up from school on March 4, 2006, and took him to their home, where she sexually abused him, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court. After the incident, Afzal took the teen back to school , but continued to have a sexual relationship with him for the following two years until the boy turned 18, police say.

While Afzal, who has been the boy's stepmother for the majority of his life, and the boy were involved, she sent him several e-mails containing erotic photographs and sexually explicit messages, according to the complaint.

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Charlston Woman to go on trial for sex acts with stepson

Monday, August 15, 2011

40-year-old female teacher arrested for having sex with a teen boy after giving him drugs

Brenda Ray, 40-year-old English teacher at Cleveland High School and Rio Rancho High School, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly engaging in sex with a 16-year-old former male student, and giving him alcohol and drugs.

Rio Rancho Police arrested Mrs Ray for rape because the alleged victim was 16 years-old at the time. According to the criminal complaint, the student was in her advanced placement English class at Rio Rancho High School a few years ago.
Ray has taught for Rio Rancho schools on three different occasions. She most recently taught English at Cleveland High School.
District officials told us Ray quit after the end of the school year.

According to information released by the investigators, one day female teacher met her young male student in an auditorium then headed to her car and into a nearby neighborhood to drink alcohol, perform sex acts on each other and have full sexual intercourse.
Accordinf to investigators, police have emails and an interview with the victim , who is now 20, which prove Ray had sex with him at least three times starting in the winter of 2007 when she taught him at Rio Rancho High School.

A criminal complaint said the first incident occurred in December 2007, when Ray and the student drove in Ray’s vehicle to a secluded area, where she performed a sexual act on him. The second incident took place at Haynes Park and a third at the home of the student.

Beginning in December 2009, Ray is alleged to have sent emails to him, in which she recalled their encounters and talked about “sex in the hall” and the “crime committed.” There were 47 emails, with the last one sent May 9 of this year. The emails go on to say they were worried Ray's husband would find out about their relationship.

Mrs Ray also gave her young victim alcohol, marijuana and cocaine during the three years they were hanging out together. Right now they don't know if Ray was involved with any other students.
Investigators said the the victim's ex-girlfriend recently contacted them to report the teacher. Ray is charged three counts of rape and three counts of giving alcohol to a minor.

Ex-Teacher Accused of Having Drugs & Sex With Student

Amelia Fay arrested for sex acts with two teen boys

Amelia K. Fay, 37-year-old woman from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, has been arrested for allegedly having sex with two teen boys.

Fay of 731 E. Scott St., Apt. D, faces seven Class A misdemeanors of sexual intercourse with a child and a Class I felony of exposing genitals.

According to the complaint, the second boy and Amelia Fay began having sex in June 2010 in her Fond du Lac apartment, parking lots, behind buildings and inside her vehicle, according to the complaint. The boy told investigators that he and Fay had sex at least 100 times but the first time he had sex with Mrs. Fay, her daughter's boyfriend showed up and joined in, according to the complaint.

The second boy said he met Fay while he had been dating Fay’s daughter. During a holiday break in 2010, Fay texted the boy a message along the lines of “something like you always looks so good, I want you,” according to the complaint.

When the boy arrived at Fay's house, the other teen was already there. Fay went upstairs and came down dressed as a doctor role-playing cotume, according to the complaint.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheerleading coach admits oral sex acts on teen boy

Gina Leigh Sabin, 41-year-old former Cloverleaf Elementary School teacher in Cartersville, Georgia, have pleaded guilty to two counts of felony sexual battery.

Sabin, a mother of two who was married to a school principal at Woodland High where she coached cheer leading at the time of the crimes, was charged with two counts of aggravated child molestation but negotiated a deal with prosecutors. Sheriff's Office investigators had alleged Sabin at least twice performed oral sex on the minor in June 2009.

Superior Court Judge Carey Nelson sentenced Gina Sabin to 5 years, but she is allowed to serve the time on probation. Sabin also was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

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Cheerleading coach Gina Sabin admits oral sex acts on teen boy

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