Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woman Gets Prison for Rape and Death of Boy

Lindsey Latourette, 25-year-old Saugerties woman, who gave methadone to a 15-year-old boy and had sex with him before he died later that day, was sentenced in Ulster County Court, Thursday, to 1 1/3 to four years in state prison. Latourette pleaded guilty in March to criminally negligent homicide, rape and criminal sale of a controlled substance in connection with the Saugerties teenager’s death.

Ulster County Judge Donald Williams told Latourette "my only regret is I cannot do more to punish you." Latourette received the methadone legally from a methadone clinic. It was the practice of that facility to give their clients their weekend dose on Fridays and allow them to take them home. It was from that weekend supply that Latourette gave the lethal dose to the victim on June 14, 2008.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeffco School Teacher Sentenced For Sex Assault ‎

Linda Lewis Trabucco, 44-year-old English teacher at the Collegiate Academy in Littleton, pleaded guilty in February to sex assault of a male student, and was sentenced earlier today to five years to life of intensive supervised probation, with five years in prison as a condition of her probation. Trabucco was arrested in August 2009 for allegedly engaging in sex with a male student throughout his high school years after the student, now 21, alerted the police.

The male student said he met Trabucco when he was in the seventh grade and their relationship began when he was a freshman and lasted throughout high school, where she was an assistant principal.

Trabucco and the teen began to meet on weekends at a bookstore where Trabucco would tutor the teen to help prepare him for his college entrance exams. After these weekend sessions they would walk around a nearby lake and kiss and hug which would often lead to sex.

Trabucco is a divorced mother who started working at the school in 2000. She was married and living with her husband and children during some of the relationship but got divorced at one point and moved to a home in Highlands Ranch.

The teenager told investigators that he and Trabucco engaged in sexual activity numerous times at his parent's house, while the teacher was married. After her divorce Trabucco bought a house in Highlands Ranch where she and the teenager continued to engage in sexual activity.

During the investigation deputies were also looking into allegations a second teenage boy may have had a relationship with Trabucco during the same time frame but they don't believe she's been involved with any recent students at the school.
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